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Campaign Group Committee
The Action Group Committee is made up of volunteers and is community funded so to fight this appeal on your behalf WE NEED FUNDS FROM YOU.

The cost of the campaign to fight the appeal to include the services of a barrister and expert witnesses for a number of key areas could well be in excess of 45,000 (based on the recent experience of wind farms locally). In addition there is the cost of publicity materials such as posters, document copying etc. So please give generously.

To make a donation, please contact the Treasurer:

Mr Ken Adamson,
c/o Scotts Farmhouse
PE28 0QP
01832 710189

Cheques should be made payable to "Stop Molesworth AG".

Alternatively, please contact the Treasurer if you wish to pledge an amount to be payable only as required.

Note - Surplus Funds:

Any surplus funds at the end of the campaign will be distributed on a pro rata basis as follows:

  • donations of 50+ - pro rata refund to donor
  • smaller / anonymous donations and general collections - to local charities

23 August 2019
Professional Photos
Click here to view the stunning visualisations of how the turbines will look on our local landscape.

Professionally created by Architech Animation Studios (UK) Ltd

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Latest Planning Documents
Planning Reference: 1200967FUL

We have found 82 documents for the Environmental Statement!.
Click here for the HDC Planning web site.

  • Enter "Molesworth" in the search box and click "search"
  • The wind farm application is currently at the top of the list. Click this application.
  • Click the "external documents" tab, then click "view associated documents"
  • Select the document you need and then click "view".
  • You will need to allow popups"

  • click to download the poster

    click here to download our leaflet

    Photos from the turbines
    If you can see your house in these photos, you WILL see the turbines!
    Click a photo to view in more detail

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    Please note that the content of this web site represents the views and opinions of the STOP MOLESWORTH WIND FARM committee and our members. Although we have tried to be as accurate as we can in relaying facts on the subject of this proposed development and the industrial wind industry in general, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies found therein. If you believe any content to be incorrect or inaccurate please let us know.

    We would like to thank all the other wind farm opposition groups who have helped us with ideas.