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Myth Busters
Are wind farms a health risk? US scientist identifies 'wind turbine syndrome'From The Independant - Sunday, 2 August 2009
Consumers beware the costly spin of wind turbinesFrom The Sunday Times March 29, 2009
Couple sue for 380K after being driven out of their home by noise from wind turbines
More than half of Britain's wind farms have been built where there is not enough wind.From Daily Mail 17 Aug 2010
Professor Ian Fells Challenges The Rush For WindWind only works when the wind is blowing. None of the measures which have been announced recently will be of the slightest use in the short and medium term.
Sleep disturbance and wind turbine noise Report by Dr Christopher HANNING BSc, MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, FRCA, MD. Adobe version
Stop Ill WindThe Top Ten False and Misleading Claims the Windpower Industry makes for Projects in the Eastern United States
The Case Against Wind FarmsReport by Dr. J. R. Etherington. All rights reserved. Adobe version
Wind farms, hot air and spinFrom Daily Telegraph 14 Sep 2008

Wind Energy Industry

Wind Turbine Videos

23 August 2019
Radio / TV

The BBC website contains a number of video clips from features related to wind farms - click here

BBC Radio 4 - Costing the Earth - 30th August 2007

"Wind power is the fastest growing renewable energy sector in Britain. The government is investing massive amounts of money in its future. But experts interviewed on Costing the Earth claim the power of the wind to deliver electricity is being overestimated by companies keen to cash in on big subsidies."

Listen again to the programme & read more on the BBC website:

For an interesting TV broadcast on the effects of wind turbines on local residents - especially the noise - see the LBV Television programme available on the Wadlow Windfarm website. [This is a large file. It may take a very long time to open - but is well worth listening to].

Web Pages / Articles

"Wind farms alone won't solve our problems" - CPRE

RSPB policy on wind farms

RICS commissioned report: What is the impact of wind farms on house prices?

Wind Power in Denmark - Dr V C Mason (Sept 2007) (PDF file)

Wind turbine noise, annoyance and self-reported health and
well-being in different living environments
- BMJ - March 2007 - E Pedersen, K Persson Waye (PDF file)

Perception and annoyance due to wind turbine noise - E Pedersena and K Persson Waye - J. Acoust. Soc. Am., Vol. 116, No. 6, December 2004 (PDF file)

Noise Radiation from Wind Turbines installed Near Homes: Effects on Health - with an annotated review of the research and realted issues - B Frey & P Hadden - Feb 2007

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