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Say NO to the Molesworth Wind Farm - Bythorn, Molesworth, Keyston, Brington, Clopton, Old Weston, Titchmarsh, Catworth, Leighton Bromswold
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Building a Wind TurbineA video record of the new Vestas v82 wind turbine erected (hub height 70m, ours will be 80m) in Northfield Minnesota
Europe's Ill Wind DVDEurope's Ill Wind - Wind turbines and the tissue of lies
Ian Fells Challenges The Rush For WindHe challenges the presumption that the best solution to the UK's requirement to meet political CO2 targets is to harness the wind, and offers thoughts for what should be the right solution
Shadow Flicker ruins livesVideo from a farm in Wisconsin USA highlighting the devastating effect INSIDE a home due to flicker
Turbine (Vestas) breaking upThe ex-windmill in question was located in Hornslet near Aarhus in Denmark. Engineers were called after the turbine bust its brakes. They had a look, decided there was nothing they could do to halt its suicidal spin, so backed off and watched
Wind turbines make bat lungs explodeVideo from New Scientist about the University of Calgary study into why bats die in large numbers near wind turbines

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